So triggered. I can’t take it anymore.

I’ll probably get hate for this…but I need to say it.

I lost some respect for dianna with that picture. One of the things I loved most about her was the fact she was beautiful and sexy while staying clothed. That was what put her above other female celebrities. Now she’s just like the others.


is tatiana maslany a real person


I’m not going to change the way i feel to conform to anything; I’ve always been a freak.

Dianna being the adorable person she is

Demi on who she’d want to collab with on her new album

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I just really want to dye my hair brown. I don’t know what shade. I also still have some blonde shampoo left and I want to finish it. I also want to wait and go to one of two hairdressers. But I kinda just want to go between class tomorrow. I just am so sick of blonde. It doesn’t feel like me right now.


I need at least two more people for a survey!

It is for a class. It is just ranking crimes from least to most serious in your opinion. Possible trigger warning though.

It can be found here:

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Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot Tattler.